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To bridge the gap between you and the promise that university education abroad holds for you.

We promise to make your overseas dream a reality.

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Scope Abroad Foreign language experts can find jobs in multinational companies outside India. There is an endless list of opportunities for foreign language experts on a national and international level. The UNO appoints foreign language Interpreters/Translators through an entrance examination.

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1. What is the medium of instruction?
English and if required in their MT.

2. Do you provide training materials and post training materials for long term development?

3. Please explain your teaching methods.
Entrance test, divide groups according to their levels, audio, video and text support, lab session.

4. Are all Xcel certificates valid world-wide?

5. Do you have flexibility of timing for busy students?
Yes / can be arranged

6. Is there hostel facility for outstation students?
Can be arranged.

7. Do you offer placements? Do we have to pay?
Yes / only handling charges

8. Do you have counseling /consultation services? Are they charged for?
Yes - no charge

9. Can course/ Training fees be paid in installments? Please explain.
Yes/ pay minimum 60% of the course fee on registration, 15 days PDC for the balance amount. (No installment for short term courses)

10. Do you have benefit schemes for students who join as a group?
Yes, more than 10- 10% and more than 15- 15% discount.

11. Do you display the marks of high achievers as in IELTS /TOEFL and other courses with measurable results?
Yes, it is our strong U.S.P.

12. How do you handle weak students who lag behind?
Special attention/ extra time / smart students help.